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Trader Joe's is an American chain of grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California. By 2015, it was a competitor in "fresh format" grocery stores in the United States. By November 2019, Trader Joe's had over 503 stores nationwide in 42 states and Washington, D.C. The first Trader Joe's store was opened in 1967 by founder Joe Coulombe in Pasadena, California.


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Derek says

"Honestly if I could I would have given a zero. Not only is their inventory constantly changing, but it seems as though they reimagine their store layout every weekend which makes finding things more difficult and prolongs me being in the store. They now refuse service based off of clothing choices, or medical reasons prohibiting certain clothing choices. When stating medical conditions as the reason for an individual not wearing certain articles of clothing not mandated by law, you are just given a "I don't make the rules" answer and turned away, something I would expect the Nazis at Auschwitz to say to the Jews right before they are gassed. When I asked the gentleman, "what happens when I pass out on your store floor, due to YOUR rule?" he responded with "if you don't wear one you will be asked to leave". Yes ladies and gentleman a mask is an article of clothing from the scope of the law... Trader Joe's even when stating a medical condition, will refuse you service."

Kim Smith says

"I I see Trader Joe's are so desperate they keep coming up with these new products which some are so disgusting and the pastries are extremely sweet the only thing that's good about Trader Joe's is the price it's not as high as the other supermarkets"

Yanniel says

"Don’t recommend. Lack service and quality. I’m better at Publix 100 times and Whole Foods."

Joanna Thomas-Frey says

"Stopped in at my TJs today , when I got up to the cashier, he looked at me said something and walked away. Another crew member came to check me out, I was told by him the previous crew member didn't want to wait on me because I was wearing a TRUMP mask!!!"

Sagar says

"I had the worst experience store number 284 in Las Vegas Nevada. Asked an employee his name was Tony when they were going to get some more chicken enchiladas Verde and he assured me they be coming in tomorrow.Took my phone number and then started stalking me. We were getting calls day and night with lewd text messages. The store is always dirty and filthy and with stalkers around."

Charles Steiner says

"To shop at Trader Joe's on Hyde Street in San Francisco is to experience a petty despot atmosphere with employees first standing at the entrance like foreign government sentinels zealously prohibiting anyone from entering the store without a mask. These same employees later will chase after customers not wearing a mask "properly" in order to shout and harass and intimidate them into conformity with the store's "rules", which are all unconstitutional and an infringement of civil and human rights -- all for supposed reasons of health, but their temperaments and attitude indicate something quite other than health concerns. There is no sense of safety or pleasure while shopping in this fascistic warehouse. Looking for food items while trying to master perfect attainment of all the store rules, including following the arrows and monitoring your mask, makes you want to cry out to Amnesty International for the abuse of human rights one experiences inside the store -- the right to breathe, the civil right not to be intimidated. This store offers absolutely NO accommodation for people who can't wear a mask for medical or psychological reasons, which is completely against any ethical legal code. That even Governor Newsom's "mandate" admits there are medical exemptions and that his own playbook online states no one should come after a customer in the store, harassing him or her about a mask -- these employees and managers of Trader Joe's completely ignore the Governor's guidelines and officiously refuse to acknowledge any exception to their iron-clad "rule." The employees and the manager use shouting, emotional blackmail, and the threat of banning you permanently from the store for letting your mask slip beneath your nose and ignore any claim that you need to breathe -- just to maintain their false and abusive sense of "law and order" in the store. I think North Korean soldiers have more empathy and sensitivity than anyone hired at Trader Joe's. Everything the store does to keep "customers safe" involves infringing every customer's constitutional and human rights, victimizing them and re-traumatizing them each time a shopper enters. While the store has great and affordable products, it makes each customer walk a very narrow, fascist tight-rope of rules and behavior, including forcing customers to follow arrows directing their feet in one direction only, while raping their civil and human rights at the same time, This is no way to run a business. This shop should be sued into bankruptcy for their criminal behavior. I've telephoned Trader Joe's legal counsel and the legal counsel informed me that all I have said in this review is not illegal, is okay constitutionally, and the store policy in no way infringes on one's civil rights, all of which is a boldface lie. This store's policy infringes on CA Civil Rights Law section 51, Federal Civil Rights Law. Title 11, Section 2000, the U.S. Constitution, Amendments 1 and 4. No store policy may infringe on a customer's rights. No store policy can go against the law, but Trader Joe's store policy certainly does, and it is breaking several laws each time it forces a customer to wear a medical device on his or her face."

Barbara Groom says

"This review is mainly of the Eagle Rock, CA store. I find myself shopping for fewer and fewer things at Trader Joe's because 1) good items are constantly being discontinued, 2) good items are constantly in short supply, 3) I'm sick to death of hunting & asking where things are because they've rearranged the store AGAIN. These might seem like minor complaints, but combined with product recalls that happen more often than they should, quality downspiraling, and price hikes, Trader Joe's is hardly worth it anymore. On the good side, however, Trader Joe's is still one of the cheapest sources for sundries like dried fruits and nuts, bulk chocolate (Pound Plus bars), mid-grade, specialty teas and decent wine. So many of my favorite things are gone from Trader's that I shop for only a few specific things now. It's just a matter of time before I either have to hunt elsewhere in the store for them...or just hunt elsewhere."

Sheree Saber says

"I use to like Trader Joe's I have spent so much money there. DC, VA, Maryland, NY, Boca, and so many more, now Delray beach FL. From this day forward July 1 2020. I shall never again shop in Trader Joe's. In this very stressful time of COVD, I find the workers and supervisor, particularly at the Delray Beach branch to be derelict in customer service. I have trouble wearing the mask because I feel sick even if worn for a few minutes. I related this to a worker yet they insist I wear a mask. I picked up the one item I went to get when suddenly a male worker started telling people I had COVD and that they must stay away. I was then frogged marched out of the store, bullied by four men including the manager. I think because I am black they automatically assume I had COVID I was humiliated and demoralized. The actions of Trader Joe's staff toward me was unacceptable and unconscionable. I'll be sharing this experience with every one"

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